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Over 1.6 million higher education and career web pages explored this year

What Educators are Saying

“ChatterHigh is doing a great service by making labour market information not only interesting but relevant but, even more importantly, accessible to 21st century students.”

Gray Poehnell
Winner of 2012 Stu Conger Award for leadership in Career
Counselling and Career Development

“I was immediately impressed by the concept of ChatterHigh and how it provides a brilliant and attractive platform for students and families to engage with post-secondary information. If our goal for students is to broaden their awareness of opportunities, then ChatterHigh definitely meets this need.”

Tanya Whitney
Director of Schools 
Fredricton Education Center, 
Anglophone West School District

“The reporting feature of ChatterHigh provides me valuable insight as to which U.S. colleges my students are connecting with and allows me to monitor the amount of college research a student is doing … or not doing.”

Chris White
College Advisor, High Tech High 
San Diego, CA
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