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ChatterHigh Gets Kids Talking About Careers

Telegraph Journal

Greater Saint John
Mon Dec 18 2017
Page: B1
Byline: Nathan DeLong

QUISPAMSIS ? A quiz site about education and careers has let several high
school students a hands-on look at their futures.

Through a quiz app and website called ChatterHigh, students in the personal
development and career planning class at Kennebecasis Valley High School have given
more thought to their university and college options – and job prospects – than ever

“There were so many things I didn’t know beforehand,” Grade 9 student Grace Anderson
said Friday afternoon.

ChatterHigh is a tool invented in 2009 by Lee Taal, a British Columbia business leader.

It gives students a continuous, engaging way to ponder their long-term futures through
daily multiple-choice quizzes on industry demands and educational opportunities.

Participants earn points for researching the questions and providing the correct answers.

Those points can be banked for prize draws or donated so ChatterHigh can sponsor new
schools in developing countries.

Julia McInroy, a Grade 9 student at KV High, said questions relating to each
student’s desires can be saved as interests and kept as a resource.

“I can go back and look and say ‘This job seems to be the most interesting,’ ” said

Grade 9 student Rachel Hope said she and her classmates learned a lot about colleges
and universities while using ChatterHigh.

Ben Hogan, another student who participated, said his educational and career horizons
were broadened by answering questions on ChatterHigh.

Hogan said he’s always wanted to take business in college or university after high
school, but now he’s also considered apprenticeships, studying abroad and a science

He said he’s also surprised by how ChatterHigh helped him keep his options open.
”[ChatterHigh] helps you find universities and courses you might be interested in.”

In addition to course and career prospects, Hogan said, ChatterHigh also offers
information on living costs, meal plans, sports and scholarships available at postsecondary

“All these things can help you out along the way. Plus it’s not like this takes an hour out
of your day. It’s only 10 minutes [to answer the questions].”

There was also a provincewide competition for the top participating schools. KV High
placed second in the AAAA category.

Dean-Na Hart, a KV High teacher, said the competition was an extra incentive, but it
wasn’t the driving force behind her class taking part.

“It’s helping you give yourself more options,” said Hart. “The earlier you start [caring
about your future], the more options you’re giving yourself.”

Hart said she also used the ChatterHigh app and learned about university and college
courses, as well as careers.

“It’s interesting to think all these doors are opening for [the students] just because they’re
doing a little quiz on an app.

“Their choices may change 10 times between now and Grade 12. But at least it’s an
opportunity to explore their choices.”

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