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You may have done some self-assessment activities, taken the right classes, and talked to the college counselors at your school. You may even have a pretty good idea of what interests you.  But, have you really researched the outlook for that career, using the official resources available? Does that career suit your interests, skills, and aspirations?

There are some useful tools freely available to help you learn about which colleges offer the programs for your future job, and help you examine the salary you can expect, additional certifications that may be required, or get a better understanding of where you should live to have the most opportunities in your chosen field (because the job outlook for specific careers can vary by location).

If you are just starting on the college exploration journey or even if you have long graduated, There are a number of ways to dig deeper into a potential occupation. Here are some quick ideas that will help guide you with important career decisions.

The first is Labor Market Information (LMI).  With LMI, you can learn things like average salaries, job outlook, job descriptions, related careers and much more.

The second is LinkedIN.  With just a little bit of searching, you can learn where to go to school,  explore possible career paths, get a good idea about job descriptions and the requirements for a specific job title.

In these short videos, ChatterHigh founder, Lee Taal will help you dig deeper into career research using these tools to get you one step closer to understanding your dream job and how to get there.

Happy Exploring!

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